2.5 Innovation development

2016 events

  • The RusHydro Group Innovation Development Program was developed and approved by the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro for 2016-2020with a prospect of up to 2025
  • An evaluation of the quality of development of the RusHydro Group Innovative Development Program for 2016-2020 has been received with a prospect up to 2025 – 95.2 %
  • Expenses for the Innovative development program implementation in 2016 amounted to 463.6 million rubles, including VAT, expenses of RAO ES EAST Holding – 1,182.2 million rubles

2.5.1 Innovation development program

The Innovation Development Program of the RusHydro Group for 2016-2020 with a prospect until 2025 is approved by the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 244 of November 23, 2016). Prior to approval, the draft program was approved by the Interdepartmental Commission for Technological Development of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Modernization of the Economy and Innovative Development of Russia (hereinafter – IDC)20.

In terms of quality the RusHydro Group Program development in accordance with the IDC Minutes No. 23-DO1 of December 26, 2016 was assessed as 95.2 %.


Priority directions for innovative development of the RusHydro Group in the field of “hydropower” are:

  • ecology and environmental protection,
  • hydropotential utilization schemes,
  • technologies of design, construction, reconstruction and repair,
  • energy efficiency and water resources management,
  • monitoring and operation of equipment and facilities,
  • design solutions for HPP, PSP, RES.

The program provides for participation in innovative activities:

  • RAO ES EAST Holding21,
  • JSC “VNIIG named after B.E. Vedeneev,
  • JSC Institute Hydroproject,
  • JSC “Lenhydroproject”
  • JSC Mosoblgidroproekt..

2.5.2 Results of the implementation of the Innovative Development Program in 2016

  • There are 49 considered applications for the implementation of research and development works (further – R & D), including 24 applications received through the «One Window» system. For further implementation 20 applications have been selected.
  • Purchase of innovative, high-tech products for the amount of 258.5 million rubles.
  • The results of 10 previously launchedworks were received.
  • Two contracts for R & D were concluded:
    – Research and development of methods for remote monitoring of the state of facilities and operating modes of hydroelectric power plants. The development of a method for assessing the state of hydrotechnical structures and hydroelectric power plants of HPPs based on the results of monitoring the amplitude-frequency characteristics of their oscillations, together with the ground base, yielded results for 10 works that were previously launched.
    – Investigation of the possibilities and development of recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the main technological cycle of HPPs in order to increase power generation.
  • Coordination work of the Technology Platform «Perspective Technologies of Renewable Energy» is continued. The platform participants performed 26 projects for a total of 1,487.4 million rubles. The projects were financed at the expense of extra-budgetary sources, as well as in the framework of the FTP «Research and development in priority areas for the development of Russia’s scientific and technological complex for 2014-2020.»
  • Successfully developing cooperation with Mitsui in the framework of the Agreement on Technological Cooperation, signed in 2016. The agreement provides for cooperation in the construction of wind power plants, solar power plants, development of the use of geoheat, the creation of production (and further use) of liquefied hydrogen, and cooperation on the creation of a data storage and processing center.

According to RAO ES EAST Holding:

  • The Innovative Development Program of RAO ES EAST Holding for 2016-2020 was developed and approved with a prospect of up to 2025.
  • The implementation of 12 projects of R & D was completed, according to their results, 9 objects of intellectual property: 2 patents for inventions, 2 patents for utility models and 5 certificates of state registration of databases and computer programs have been developed and registered.
  • The V International Conference «Development of Renewable Energy in the Far East of Russia» was held in Yakutsk, organized by RAO ES EAST, PJSC jointly with the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The most significant projects of R & D implemented in 2016 by PJSC RusHydro

The project «Development of an automated system for signaling faults in water conduits and measuring turbine costs at derivational and dam-type hydroelectric power plants» Implementation period: 2013-2017.Main results 2016:
A system for signaling faults in water lines and measuring turbine costs at Sengileevskaya HPP was developed and installed. The system was transferred to trial operation. This system helps to increase the safe operation of pressure water conduits of derivational and dam stations.
Project «Development and testing of monitoring technology for piezometric pressure in structural elements of hydraulic structures in the event of failure of embedded piezometers of non-rectilinear form»
Implementation period: 2014-2016.

The work was carried out in order to determine the most effective ways of restoring the possibility of monitoring one of the basic parameters characterizing the safety of operation of the GTS – the level of filtration pressure in the ground base of concrete structures

Within the framework of this development, a new technique for restoring control over responsible zones of hydraulic structures has been introduced by increasing the sensitivity of piezometers of non-rectilinear shape; Approbation was carried out at the experimental Kharobrovskaya HPP; Experimental operation was carried out at Novosibirskaya HPP.

The development and testing of this technology made it possible to reduce the cost of constructing new piezometers by increasing the sensitivity of existing piezometers of non-rectilinear shape.

2.5.3 Plans for 2017

The main tasks in the field of innovative development for 2017:

  • completion of the innovation management systems integration of PJSC RusHydro and RAO ES EAST Holding companies;
  • improvement of the innovation development management system , its regulations and methodological support;
  • search and selection of innovative ideas aimed at achieving the target of the RusHydro Group, launching the most effective innovative development projects;
    expansion of the community of experts (including external), providing expertise of innovative projects;
  • expansion of cooperation in the field of innovations with development institutions, scientific organizations, companies and public authorities.