5.3 Personnel and social policy

2016 events

  • The share of employees with higher education increased from 78.6 to 79.9 %
  • 122.3 million rubles were transferred for development of human resources
  • Expenses for labor protection increased by 36.95 % and amounted to 445.8 million rubles

5.3.1 HR policy

Personnel Structure

During the last 3 years the structure of the personnel has remained stable with a tendency to an increase in share of highly skilled workers and less significant increase in employer’s average age.

Due to the improvement of the production process and the ongoing program of technical re-equipment of hydroelectric power plants, the qualification requirements for the Company’s employees are being raised. Hence the Company is implementing a policy to attract specialists with higher education who have received appropriate training, including university graduates, bound by partnership agreements with the Company. At the end of 2016, the number of employees with higher education increased. The share of low-skilled personnel decreased.

As for PJSC RusHydro (including branches), over the past few years there has been a tendency to increase the share of specialists and employees and to reduce the proportion of workers. The increase in the number of specialists and employees was influenced by processes and activities aimed at improving the efficiency of the organization of branches, strengthening security measures and increasing the reliability of power facilities, which was accompanied by the formation and improvement of relevant management structures and dismissal of non-core personnel.

Personnel of PJSC RusHydro structure by education, by categories, by gender, by age, %

Personnel characteristics

The average number of personnel of RusHydro Group*, persons


Average work experience and average age of employees*, years


Training and development of Personnel

Training and Development of PJSC RusHydro’s Personnel is a strategic priority for the Company. It is connected with the requirements of regulatory authorities, production needs to meet the new professional activities, professional development and training of personnel reserve.

In total in 2016 the company’s employees were trained at 14,730 courses of which 10,830 for corporate training including 1,608 for full-time education, 9,222 for distance education.

As a part of a comprehensive system of simulator training for production staff in 2016 there were conducted tests of corporate simulator switches in electrical installations, control of hydraulic turbines and hydro-mechanical equipment. Trial training using the simulator were carried out in 15 branches. There was developed a virtual simulator for training of operating personnel in the operational conduct of the negotiations, lock commands and instructions, conducting online documentation, return (receipt) commands and permits.

In 2016 the 7th All-Russian competitions of operating personnel of the HPP were held, 25 teams took part in it including two teams representing the subsidiaries of PJSC RusHydro and fourteen teams representing the third-party energy enterprises.

In order to implement the Program for the Preservation and Enhancement of Operational Stations of Operating Personnel of the Plant in 2016 the Model Provision on the Organization of Activities for the Preservation and Enhancement of the Operating Department (Operating) Personnel in the Branches of PJSC RusHydro was approved, the pilot program of the project «Preservation and Enhancement of Operating Personnel» in the branch of PJSC RusHydro» – «Kamskaya HPP» comprising the pre-shift and the after-shift diagnostics functionality of Operating Department staff and remedial activities for the branch employees.

Expenditures on human resource
development, million RUB


Training of personnel by categories in 2016, persons

Employee pool

ВIn order to ensure timely and high-quality training to key positions in the PJSC RusHydro is actively working with employee pool based on the following principles:

  • Strategically – consistency problems with the personnel reserve, development objectives of the Company and formed strategic organizational competencies;
  • Reliability – use of technology assessment and training with high reliability and prognostic;
  • Development – creating opportunities for professional development of employees of the Company.

In 2016 28 employees of RusHydro’s branches and subsidiaries under the age of 30 years became winners of the project «Internal source of energy-3» and entered the company’s prospective employee pool.

Competitive selection for the position of director of the branch of PJSC RusHydro was conducted. The candidates who had successfully passed the evaluation procedure were appointed to the position.

70 employees of the RusHydro group, who were the members of the staff reserve for the management positions of branches of PJSC RusHydro, completed in 2016 a corporate training program and started the defense of graduation work. Each graduation work is a detailed proposal for improving the efficiency of the organization of production activities or a unique technical solution.

Personnel assessment

The Company’s personnel are periodically certified for compliance with the position which assess the professional, business and personal qualities of employees and the results of their professional activity. Managers, specialists and employees of the Company will be certified regardless of sex once every three years.

Occupational Health and Safety

PJSC RusHydro as a responsible and socially oriented employer improves the OHS management system that conforms to the latest world trends. The company is taking measures to prevent accidents and diseases at work, to improve working conditions, to provide workers with personal protective equipment, and organizes medical examinations and a special assessment of the working conditions of staff.

The costs of health and safety in the Company in 2016 amounted to 445.8 million rubles. The cost of providing workers with personal protective equipment in 2016 amounted to 78.3 million rubles.

The percentage of the PJSC RusHydro branch employees who underwent performance and career development assessment, by gender, %


Company costs for Occupational Safety and Health, million RUB


Structure of costs for Occupational Health and Safety in 2016, %


5.3.2 Social policy

The Social Policy of RusHydro was adopted in 2013 to address the problems of forming long-term human resource management as a major asset staffing new facilities, performing production programs and attracting young professionals into the industry.
Programs of voluntary medical insurance, of non-state pension provision and of improvement of living conditions of employees remain as priority.

Voluntary medical insurance

The Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) is a part of the benefits package of the Company employees. The Program covers 100 % of the personnel except part-time employees and employees on trial. Within the VMI the services are rendered for outpatient care, emergency and planned hospital treatment, emergency medical services, insurance of the persons travelling abroad. The list of out-patient hospitals is reviewed and updated annually. Furthermore, within the program the employees shall obtain vaccinations against a number of diseases and may pass medical examination and preventive examinations.

All employees of the Company are insured against accidents and diseases. The insurance coverage is valid around the world 24 hours a day.

Non-state pension provision

The non-state pension provision (NSPP) of PJSC RusHydro in 2016 included several pension plans and programs designed to finance the retirement savings of different target groups of employees.

The branches continue to implement three main programs: for employees with significant experience in the industry, for awarded by the state and industry («Supporting»), for honored former employees of the industry («Veteran») and the programs of the Parity Plan allowing the employee to participate independently in the formation of their own pension savings where the most part of the employees participate.

More than 50 % of employees took part in NSPP programs in 2016.

Within the framework of NSPP the Company is still interested in ensuring both a decent standard of living for employees after retirement and an effective solution of personnel issues related to the attraction and motivation of staff.

Personnel housing improvements

PJSC RusHydro continues implementing a program to improve housing conditions for employees. The priority right to participate in the program is provided to young professionals under the age of 30 who do not have a separate housing ownership, to specialists invited to work in the branch and moved therefore from another location, to key and highly qualified specialists, as well as to employees who are parents with many children and single parents.

The main forms of corporate support in improving of housing conditions of employees are the compensation for the costs of paying interest on mortgage loans to banks and the cost of renting housing. In exceptional cases for employees of the Production Unit of the branches who represent special value for the Company and for whose special retention mechanisms should be provided may rendered targeted interest-free loans for improving housing conditions for up to 10 years.

Collective contracts

In 2016 in all branches of the Company the Collective Agreements concluded in 2014 and defined the Company’s obligations on provision of social benefits and guarantees continue to operate.

To support young families there are provided one-off payments in connection with the registration of marriage and the birth of a child, childcare allowance up to three years, compensation of expenses for keeping children in pre-school educational institutions.

In order to attract young qualified specialists to the industry, to promote the formation of dynasties of power engineers, to ensure the continuity of generations the Collective Agreements provide for the payment to children of workers who study at universities in energy specialties.

Also according to the Collective Agreements the employees of the HPPs are encouraged for mentoring, they receive a lump sum payment upon retirement, etc.

Besides the Collective Agreements provide for substantial benefits for those who wish to become foster parents or guardians. The workers who are adoptive parents, guardians and trustees, and who adopted the child receive monthly allowance. Also the compensation for the cost of medical services is provided for children under the age of 14 years who participate in sports sections, developing sections.

In November 2016 the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro approved a new version of the standard Collective Agreement of the branches of PJSC RusHydro for 2017-2019. New edition of the model Collective Agreement for 2017-2019 has been completed taking into account the changes in the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and legislation on labor protection.