Chapter 5

Sustainable development

5.1 Sustainable development management

The Company is aware of its responsibility (economic, social and ecological) as a producer of electrical power necessary for society. Sustainable business development is an important value that is reflected in the mission and strategic goals of the RusHydro Group.

The RusHydro Group primarily aims at ensuring environment and society-friendly operation of its facilities , taking into account the economic feasibility of the funds allocated for minimization of risks and reduction of possible damages. The Company uses its best endeavors in order to increase the share of the renewable resources of energy in power balance of the country. This goal is achieved due to commissioning of new generating capacities and an increase in the «clean» energy generation, produced at the available capacities of the Company under simultaneous enhancement of energy efficiency.

PJSC RusHydro is also seeking for maximization of its value for the state, shareholders, society and employees.

Implementation of the activities focused on sustainable development is performed by the Special Units in the area of their functional responsibility:

  • social responsibility – the Personnel Management Unit;
  • interaction with public authorities in the presence regions and creation of the favourable social climate for the effective development of the Company – the Unit of interaction with public authorities and civil society, administrative support and international cooperation;
  • economic responsibility – the Unit of economic planning and investments, the Unit of production activities, the Unit of capital construction and engineering activities, the Unit of financial and corporate and legal administration;
  • generation of electric power, enhancement of energy efficiency and ecological responsibility – the Unit of production activities.

The issues related to the sustainable development are systematically put on the agenda of the meetings of committees at the Board of Directors.

PJSC RusHydro annually prepares a Sustainable Development Report, reflecting the management approaches and the most significant outcomes of the Company’s activities in the economic, ecological and social areas since 2007.

For more information on managing sustainable development, see the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for 2016

Areas of activities in the field of the sustainable development

  • ensuring energy security of the Russian Federation
  • development of the electric power industry and enhancement of energy efficiency
  • positive economic and social impact on the presence regions
  • minimisation of the environmental impact, including the impact on the planet climate
  • responsible personnel management practice
  • enhancement of transparency and accountabilities
  • structural interaction with the interested parties