5.6 Charity

PJSC RusHydro carries out charitable activities, guided by the Charity and Sponsorship Policy. The Company annually develops an annual Charity and Sponsorship Program.

The Charity and Sponsorship Policy of the Company.

This Program is of purposive character and includes projects to support orphan asylums, educational and medical organizations for children, educational programs and sports for children. The Program also supports charity environmental actions and projects preserving cultural and religious heritage.

Planned and actual charity expenses*, million RUB

Major Charity Projects

Support areasProjectsExpenses, million RUB
Support of higher education institutions
Financial support of educational institutions:
  • Moscow State University of Civil Engineering,
  • St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great,
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute and its branch in Volzhsky,
  • Sayano-Shushensky branch of the Siberian Federal University,
    Far Eastern Federal University.

Infrastructure development of the Cheryomushki village Program for the comprehensive development of the infrastructure of the village of Cheryomushki for the renovation and modernization of the social facilities of the village.

Support of the Russian Geographical societyThe Company grant fundingformation.

Support of the Russian sports developmentThe funds are allocated to support the Russian Whitewater Federation, the Russian Union of Martial Arts and other organizations.

The Long-term Integrated Program "Clean energy”The “Clean Energy” program to provide financial support and implementation of projects for the social rehabilitation of children left without parental care, as well as to develop the creative potential of children, covers 26 orphanages and boarding schools, 18 kindergartens, 24 general education schools, 17 creative development centers for children; 16 branches of the Company provided assistance to foundations and centers for the rehabilitation of disabled children. In all branches of the company, support is provided for the activities of veteran organizations, cultural facilities (philharmonic societies, theaters, cultural centers, libraries).

Within the «Clean Energy» framework, the «Ecological Paths» project was developped to organize tourist routes along with the reserves, as well as for further improvement of recreation areas. In 13 regions of the presence, 16 ecological trails were opened, with three of them opened in the reporting year.

OtherIn 2016, the company supported the «Vera» hospice relief fund, the Public Organization of the Disabled Center for Humanitarian Programs, the Directorate of Charitable Programs «Starko», and the Civil Society Development Foundation.

The company provided assistance to the Primorie Territory, which was affected by the «Linerok» typhoon

More details about charity projects can be found in the Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development report for 2016 or on the website.