5.5 Energy efficiency

2016 events

  • An additional generation of electricity in the amount of up to 1,153,000 thousand KWh is ensured, which is equivalent to saving fuel in the amount of 397.6 thousand tons per year
  • The overall effect of the energy efficiency increase measures amounted to 99,761 thousand KWh
  • The share of own consumption in the annual output dropped to 1.4 %

5.5.1 Program in the field of energy saving and enhancement of energy efficiency of the PJSC RusHydro

Hydropower is the main business segment of the Company, being at the same time one of the most energy-efficient electric power sectors. In addition, the company actively participates in the electricity generation development based on other renewable sources – tidal, geothermal and wind energy, which are environmentally friendly and have a high degree of energy efficiency. The facilities of PJSC RusHydro enable the Company to further improve energy efficiency through the modernization of the main equipment and the introduction of innovative energy-saving technologies, optimizing the use of water resources, as well as reducing the power consumption for own needs.

In 2015, the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme of PJSC RusHydro for the 2016- to 2020 period was approved. In 2017, the Program was updated according to the results of the examination conducted by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and due to change in the requirements of regulatory legal acts.

The program is in line with the Technical Policy of JSC RusHydro and contains a list of the main activities in the field of increasing the efficiency of the use of energy and water resources, as well as a number of priority energy-saving solutions. The program is based on the results of energy surveys conducted in the period 2010-2016.

Principles of the Program:

  • effective and efficient use of any kind of energy resources,
  • supporting and stimulating energy conservation and measures to improve energy efficiency among staff,
  • realistic planning for energy saving and increasing energy efficiency by the construction of the energy resources management system,
  • comprehensive and systematic implementation of activities throughout the entire control loop of PJSC RusHydro,
  • control and management of the Program in simple and reliable ways by managers at all levels.

Goals of the Program:

  • increase in the efficiency of energy resources,
  • reduction in operation costs and production costs of electricity generation,
  • increase in the energy efficiency of branches of PJSC RusHydro,
  • increased growth of the economy of PJSC RusHydro through the implementation of the energy saving potential.

Objectives of the Program:

  • preparation of a list of activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy resources, reducing their use for their own consumption;
  • introduction of energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption for own needs;
  • modernization of accounting of fuel and energy resources;
  • increase in the productive supply of electricity generated by PJSC RusHydro.

The Program implementation results

Energy saving is an important task for the Company. In 2016, the value of own electricity consumption amounted to 1,301,139 thousand kWh. The share of own consumption in the annual output, which amounted to 90,279,428 thousand kWh, dropped to 1.4 %. The similar value in 2015 was 1.6 %, in 2014 – 1.5 %.

In 2016, the implementation of the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Program contributed to saving of electricity for own consumption of 63,220 thousand kWh; The additional output from the implementation of measures was 36,541 thousand kWh.

Moreover, in 2016, due to selection of the most effiecient equipment, optimization of the repairing campaign, work of the hydroelectric power plants at the exceed values of pressure heads in relation to long-time average annual values, and decrease of escapage by redistribution of the reserves of the automatic secondary regulation to the other HPP cascade, the additional electrical generation is provided in the volume of 1,153 million kWh, that is equivalent to fuel saving in the volume of 397.6 thous. tonnes of fuel per year.

At the end of 2016, PJSC RusHydro spent 762 million rubles in the area of «Energy Saving» and 4.985 million rubles in the area of «Enhancing Energy Efficiency».

Volume by type of energy resource consumption PJSC RusHydro

Type of energy resourceConsumption in physical termsConsumption,
ths. RUB
Heat, Gcal23,61925,29318,66224,341
Electrical energy, ths. KW·h1,191,3811,207,4811,301,139983,956
Gasoline, l.737,7261,8422,49083
Diesel fuel, l.392,12917,95511,391377
Gas Natural, m355,41758,71640,241266

Dynamics of energy consumption
and the share of consumption
from the annual output of PJSC RusHydro

Effects in areas of “Energy Saving”
and “Energy efficiency”,
million kW·h

Forecasting power system volume

The ability to accurately predict the volume of electricity produced in the medium and long term is an important condition for optimizing control over the entire system. To this end, RusHydro is constantly improving its own forecasting system.

In 2016, at Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, the equipment of two precipitation area complexes (hereinafter – PAC) was registered. The equipment was transferred to a warehouse for subsequent installation on automobile platforms. The equipment of the mobile PAC is designed for the rapid acquisition of data on the intensity and the amount of precipitation in the catchment area in real time, storm warnings on hazardous phenomena, advice on adverse meteorological phenomena.

The PAC makes it possible to increase the reliability of forecasts for planning optimal water and energy systems operation modes during the completion of the reservoir operation to minimize the risks of idle water discharges (to achieve the dead storage elevation), during the filling of the reservoir to ensure the allowable filling rate (speed), taking into account the strained SSHPP dam and in the period of maximum filling of the reservoir to ensure the integrity of the pressure face of the SSHPP dam.

The reconstruction of the Gilyui hydrometeorological post located on the Gilyui River in 104 km from the mouth has been carried out at the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Plant. A sensor has been replaced, measuring the volume and speed of the river’s water flow for a more modern, reliable one, and the way of its installation has been changed, eliminating the effect of the ice cover of the river on the structure of the installation and the efficiency of the sensor. For the winter period the equipment of the gauging station is preserved until the spring flood begins.

Within the framework of the introduction of the medium-term planning system at the HPP of the Far East and Siberia:

  • development of medium-term planning modules for the HPPs of the Angara-Yenisei, Kolyma and Ust-Srednekanskaya HPPs continues;
  • development of a module for the formation of runoff in the basin of the Bureyskoye reservoir;
  • operations to integrate the module for collecting, processing, storing and disseminating the actual and forecast hydrometeorological and water management data on the territory of the Bureyskoye reservoir basin using the information system for planning water and energy regimes «Dispatch Center»;
  • development of a module for calculating prospective energy balances for the power district of the Bureyskaya HPP.

Company’s facilities energy audit

In accordance with the schedule of energy inspections of branches of PJSC RusHydro in 2016, energy audits of seven facilities of the following branches were carried out: Bureyskaya HPP, Zeyskaya HPP, Cascade of Verkhnevolzhskiye HPPs, Nizhegorodskaya HPP and Novosibirskaya HPP.

For all branches audited, the Company has developed the energy certificates, as well as the energy saving and energy efficiency programs and reports with recommendations.