5.2 Interaction with STAKEHOLDERS

Traditional concept of the sustainable development provides that this is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (The UN International Commission for Environment and Development, 1987). This approach may be implemented only taking into account the interests of the key shareholders (interested parties) upon structural interaction with them and integration of this practice into all business processes of the Company.
By virtue of scale and specific character of the activities the RusHydro Group has a wide range of the interested parties. The focused work with the shareholders is aimed first of all at achieving the Company’s strategic goals.

Due to existence of several areas of the core activities (electrical power generation, sales, development of innovative technologies, etc.) each area has its interested parties, and the Company builds systematic and planned interaction with them. At the same time, the Company organizes interaction with a wide range of the interested parties through public accounting, corporate websites, contacts with journalists, exhibitions and forums, etc.

For more information on managing sustainable development, see the Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Report for 2016.

Interaction with Stakeholders

StakeholdersStakeholders’ interestsBasic mechanisms of interaction
Federal, regional and municipal authorities
  • Provision of reliable and uninterruptible power supply
  • Support of development of the regions of presence
  • Development and modernization of electrical energy
  • Development of the renewable and alternative sources of energy
  • Agreements for social and economic cooperation with the RF subjects
  • Investments to development of the regions of presence
  • Holding of public hearings on the power plants construction project
  • Work in joint committees, commissions, expert groups on the issues of the fuel power complex development
Shareholders and investors
  • Economic effectiveness
  • Company’s business continuity
  • Transparency of business processes
  • Shareholders meetings and other corporate events
  • IR-presentations and IR-events
  • Accounting publication
  • Professional and career development
  • Safe working conditions
  • Decent remuneration terms
  • Personnel development
  • Social support of employees
  • Informing and communication through internal channels
  • Cooperation with trade union organisations
Regulatory and supervisory bodies
  • Observance of requirements of the Russian and international law
  • Reporting
  • Working out of proposals on legislation improvement
Business partners, suppliers and contractors
  • Fair competition and responsible conduct in the market
  • Transparency of activities, as well as transparency of procurement activity
  • Forums, exhibitions, conferences, dialogues
  • Open and competitive procurement procedures
  • Common projects
Customers and consumers
  • Sound power supply
  • Products and services quality enhancement
  • High standards of service
  • Online consultations on the websites of the sales companies «Helpline»
  • Mobile service centers
  • Virtual reception area
  • Contact center
  • Personal accounts of the consumers of the guaranteed suppliers
  • Development of the client offices
Local communities in the regions in which the Company operates
  • Improvement of quality of life in the regions of presence
  • Reduction of negative impact on the environment
  • Investments to the development of the regions of presence
  • Social programs and projects, including charitable and ecological programs and projects
  • Holding of public hearings on construction facilities
Professional associations and non-profit organizations
  • Development and modernization of the electrical energy industry
  • Transparency of activities
  • Cooperation with specialised Russian and international organizations
  • Participation in professional and business associations
  • Cooperation with public organisations
Higher Education establishments and other educational institutions
  • Target preparation of the personnel
  • Development of the sectoral science
  • Development of the innovative technologies, incl. the ones reducing negative impact on the environment
  • Cooperation in the field of scientific and research activity
  • Personnel training, retraining and in-service education
  • Orders for R&D
Mass media
  • Provision of the real time access to the information about the Company’s activities
  • Arrangement of events for mass media
  • Introduction of publications in the Russian-wide, regional and local mass media
  • Updating of information on the corporate websites, official blog and company resources in social networks (Facebook, Live Journal, Instagram, etc.)

Interaction with regional authorities

Recognizing the need for mutually beneficial cooperation with regional and municipal authorities aimed at sustainable social and economic development of the regions and increasing the efficiency of its activities in the regions, the Company enters into cooperation agreements with territorial authorities.

As of 31.12. 2016, there were agreements concluded on cooperation with the authorities of the following regions:

  • Dagestan Republic,
  • Khakassia Republic,
  • Kamchatka Region,
  • Amur region,
  • Volgograd region,
  • Irkutsk region,
  • Moscow region,
  • Sverdlovsk region.

The Company is convinced that stable contacts with territorial authorities in the implementation of regional programs of social and economic development and investment projects of PJSC RusHydro will serve as a guarantee of successful operations in the regions.