Dear Shareholders!

The sustainable development concept, introduced in the last century, characterizes the harmonious, balanced, minimally conflicted progress of our entire civilization, countries or its groups.

To ensure sustainable development, appropriate conditions should be created for the all economy subsystems functioning, including the energy sector, which impacts on both the level of society development and the level of the aggregate anthropogenic impact on the environment significantly.

In the electric power industry, the key aspect of meeting the criteria for sustainable development is the maximum savings of primary non-renewable energy sources while meeting the energy needs of the modern economy and society, and minimizing the environmental impact on the entire energy production chain.

RusHydro Group sees its contribution to sustainable development in the economically and socially justified satisfaction of the consumers’ needs, shareholders, society, investors, partners and other stakeholder groups. Regarding that, Group is actively working to introduce the sustainable development principles into the implementing energy projects practice, which covers a wide range of issues, including economic, environmental and social aspects.

The approach to the solution of the tasks facing the RusHydro Group and implementation of activities priority areas providing for the Group’s sustainable development should be comprehensive. Therefore it makes a significant contribution to Russian population and industry providing with economically and environmentally efficient types of energy resources.

Boris Bogush
Member of the Management Board,
First Deputy CEO – Chief Engineer